"I purchased a large jar of the skin cream while in Ashland at my 50th college reunion, and for the first time in about 20 years, have not had my fingers tear at the ends. I have used everything in the book, and used lotion and gloves at night. I use it on my face and my hands. It is unbelievable. It is nothing short of miraculous. Thank you for being in at the Lithia Artisan's Market when my girlfriend and I came through."

Portland, OR

"I received a jar of Kira's Serenity Skin Cream as a gift a couple years ago.  I LOVE this cream!  I use it on my face and everywhere that needs a kiss of moisture. I feel assured that I am doing something nourishing for my skin, because it is all natural with NO chemicals. I am truly happy to have this product. "

Ashland, OR

"I am a big fan of Kira Body Love products!  What I am most impressed about is the "Heart" of the love that went into the creative combinations of pure plant and oil's.  Intuitive healing wisdom is always what attracts me to a product that feed's my skin with love!"

Ashland, OR

"I love your Kira Skin Cream. It's the perfect hand lotion for my overworked garden hands! I rub it into my hands before I go to work as a professional gardener and then again in the evening after my shower. After a month of use I can see and feel the difference in my hands and nails, not only do my hands feel better but they look better after using your skin cream! It's the first lotion I go to when my hands feel dry and it's helped with the cracking I used to get from working in water and soil all day. Thank you for the great product!"

Marina, CA 

"Last year me and my boyfriend stayed a week in Harbin Hot Springs. In their shop we saw and bought your Massage Oil and Personal Lubricant. We couldn't find such a good lotion in the Netherlands yet, so that's why we contacted you. It is special that of all the product there are in Europe, we prefer yours."

Amsterdam, Netherlands

 "I am one of three sisters and we are all in love with Serenity Skin Cream.  A friend gave some to my older sister as a gift and we can't stop using it. Thank you for making that divine skin cream!  Keep making your great products!"

New York, NY

“I first started using Kira's Skin Cream when I found out I was pregnant in
order to prevent stretch marks. I saw other belly creams that were
"formulated" to reduce stretch marks, but they had so many wacky
chemicals, and since skin absorbs everything, I didn't want any of those
chemicals getting to my baby. Kira's Skin Cream is 100% natural with most of the ingredients being organic. I knew nothing in it would harm my body or my baby’s. I used the Skin Cream after every bath and anytime my belly felt itchy. By the end of the nine month, I had absolutely no stretch marks! I couldn't be any happier! Thanks Kira!”

Samantha M. 

Salinas, CA

"You know those annoying and unappealing bumps one can get on arms and backs of legs... they pose quite a challenge to remove. My only solution thus far, and I have exfoliated with many, is Sugar Scrub by Kira! It is my go to for smooth skin. I have been using the Sugar Scrub for years and it is consistently successful!!!"

"My second pregnancy produced a wonderful, fun AND 10 pound baby! As much as I loved being pregnant I was HUGE and had concerns about my belly getting stretched! I used the belly butter daily and not only was I smooth as can be but I have nary a stretch mark!!! ​Thank you Kira!"

Middletown, CA


 ​Kira’s lip balm is amazing! I love that it contains coconut oil which has so many healing properties. It’s such a relief to find something chemical-free that our whole family can use – and now she offers the tinted version too! Thank You Kira!”

Woodberry, MN


"Organic Skin Care to Love Your Body"