"Organic Skin Care to Love Your Body"



Skin Cream Serenity 4 oz.         $14.00

Skin Cream Serenity 8 oz.         $25.00

Skin Cream Unscented 4 oz.     $14.00

Skin Cream Unscented 8 oz.     $25.00

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Skin Cream

A thick, luxurious cream perfect for those dry places like knees, elbows, hands and feet; or use lightly on the whole body and face. Infused with Calendula, Comfrey, Chickweed, and Chamomile, it comes in Unscented or Serenity (a blend of Lavender and Citrus).

Ingredients: Coconut Oil* Infused with Calendula*, Chamomile*,
Comfrey* and Chickweed*, Sunflower Oil*, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter*, Beeswax*, Non-GMO Vitamin E, and for Serenity: Essential Oils of Lavender and Citrus.

4 oz. or 8 oz.