"Organic Skin Care to Love Your Body"



~Made with simple, pure, organic ingredients         

~Free of synthetic chemicals, fragrances, parabens, & GMOs 

~Formulated by a licensed esthetician to be safe & effective  

~Made by hand in small batches to ensure quality        

~Products you can feel good about using on yourself, 
your children, & any body you love 
I started playing around with making body care products when I was about 15. I began by researching lip balm recipes and then created my own formula, which I continually revised and perfected until I was completely happy with it. When I was 18 I studied holistic aromatherapy with an expert aromatherapist and Esthetician, and had the opportunity to experience blending oils and making synergies for specific purposes. I took this knowledge and incorporated it into the products I was making for myself, family and friends. While attending Esthiology and Cosmetology school, I was able to further my knowledge of the skin and learn more about ingredients commonly used in body care products. I realized that even the products that claim to be “natural” are not always as pure as I would like. I feel that most products are over-complicated and find that simple is often just as effective, and better for your body. When I became a mother I became even more careful about what I put on mine and my children's bodies and many of my products were developed because of what our family needed. My line has grown from just Lip Balm to also include Sugar Scrub, Bath Fizzers, Skin Creams, Skin Sticks, Massage Oil and Personal Lubricant, Sunscreen, Face Mask and more. I enjoy working on developing new recipes and adding more items. All of my products are handmade (by me!) in Ashland, Oregon. Thank you for your support and interest!
​Sincerely,  Kira

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